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France-USA relations Is the American Dream Still Alive?

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Oct 28, 2018

Introduction and Presentation on the Opportunities and Challenges faced when sending expatriates to the USA

By Didier Hoff, UniMobility

The USA is still the first economy in the world and the only military superpower. Protectionism and America First doesn't mean that the USA is no longer appealing.

The tax incentives, vibrant economy, huge market and technological leadership help maintain the American Dream. We will review the latest major changes impacting expatriates. 

Expatriation to the US: immigration, social security issues and French tax withholding implications for US Nationals

By William Phillips, Agnes Marty and Barbara Moreira, PwC Société d'Avocats

We will discuss immigration rules, social security implications and the optimal use of the France/US totalization agreement impacting employees being sent abroad. We will also explain why the new French withholding rules and the “année blanche” is creating major issues for US nationals residents of France.

  How to structure an efficient and attractive package taking into consideration the latest cost of living information?

By Ghislain de Rengervé - Helma International


We will look at the current cost of living situation in the USA, comparing LA, NYC and other cities. We will discuss which specific allowances should be taken into account when calculating the compensation package.

Intercultural differences between France and the USA

By Anne-Helen Gutierres-Requenne - AKTEOS


The USA is a real patchwork of cultures, identities and customs. This is a country so large that it has six time zones – indicative of its many regional and geographical distinctions. Nevertheless, there is a unique way to do business here, and we will try to show you the main tips in order to be successful 


The presentation will be followed by a cocktail



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Didier Hoff

Partner, UniMobility

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