Global Business Travelers: Strategies for Compliance

Carmen Fakhoury (Fakhoury Global Immigration), Jennifer Stein (Global Tax Network) and Gio Pascua (ZF TRW) offered valuable insight into global business travelers at the FEM Detroit Chapter Meeting on October 24, 2017.

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Oct 26, 2017

The FEM Detroit Chapter took a deep dive into the topic of business travelers with the event “Global Business Travelers: Strategies for Compliance.”

Carmen Fakhoury, CEO and President of Fakhoury Global Immigration, presented on the topic of business traveler compliance.  The discussion related to current trends, visa exempt nationals, and penalties that the employer and employee can face for noncompliance.  We also discussed a few case studies, in which for the same activities, a business visa may be required for some countries and not others.

We were also pleased to have Jennifer Stein, Managing Director of Global Tax Network Great Lakes, present on the topic of tax associated with business travelers, a growing significance due to the potential risks and increased audits globally.  One of the primary topics of discussion was the issue of tax based on visa exempt nationals.    

Gio Pascua, International Assignment Manager of ZF TRW, shared his thoughts on the topics of discussion of what employers can do to ensure they remain compliant with the increasing business travelers on assignments.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our speakers, Carmen Fakhoury, Jennifer Stein, and Gio Pascua for offering their expert advice and opinions on the matter.  

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Desiree Schulz

Manager of Global Operations, Fakhoury Global Immigration

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