ReloQuest achieves Highly Commended at FEM's 2016 Americas EMMAs!

ReloQuest™Brings Earth Shifting Change to Corporate Housing and Receives Honor for Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility, Bespoke at 2016 The Americas EMMA’s

June 1st, 2016, Fort Lauderdale FL. Reloquest™ LLC, was honored to receive a Highly Commended award in the category of Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility Bespoke, at The FEM Summit and Americas EMMA’S, Philadelphia 2016.

ReloQuest™ disruptive innovation creates global impact with solution that won the Service Apartment Award, London 2016 in Best Use of Technology. Over 350 industry leaders attended the black tie ceremony to celebrate colleagues’ success in the serviced apartment, extended stay and short-term rental industries.

Launched in August 2015 in the United States, ReloQuest began global expansion in December 2015. As the first unbiased sourcing platform for Temporary Housing, ReloQuest™ has initiated an open marketplace. The only independent technology of its kind brings a streamlined process to both Clients and Suppliers.

SMART Logic℠-Win/Loss Logic℠ provides insightful feedback to Suppliers so they can understand why an option may have not been selected. The technology affords Suppliers the ability to become educated and more competitive in the market place, while at the same time ReloQuest™ significantly reduces cost to the client.

ReloQuest™ is extremely intuitive. In fact, training anyone to use the software and enter requests into the system will only take a few minutes. A host of other benefits are attained with the efficient process; such as real-time data. Relocation professionals no longer are overwhelmed by sourcing and compiling options from various suppliers. With ReloQuest you can source 10 options, or as many as are desired, as easily as sourcing one.

The cloud based technology integrates the sharing of resources to achieve coherence while providing rapid implementation, ease of use, direct communication, transparency, and significant global supplier representation. The process greatly reduces sourcing workload and increases productivity.

A popular feature ReloQuest™ delivers is the ability to simply manage your supply chain globally, nationally, regionally and locally. Among the numerous benefits ReloQuest™ clients have been reporting is a substantial savings of up to 30%. ReloQuest™ advantages are not only monetary, clients enjoy the perk of continuing to use their own supply chain and the option to add reputable suppliers of choice that provide 24/7 customer service.

Darin Karp, Founder of ReloQuest™ said, “I am grateful for the acknowledgement amongst peers confirming that ReloQuest™ is a valuable solution capable of improving productivity for the Mobility Industry, allowing RMC’s to source best options and reduce costs. The growth of our client base speaks to the advantages the platform brings to the Industry.”

The software’s ease of implementation, are just a few of the reasons partnerships’ with numerous relocation companies such as Lexicon have joined the ReloQuest™ family-- attributing to ReloQuest’s phenomenal success in less than a one-year time span.

"Decisions need to be made quickly; with ReloQuest we have the ability to consolidate information from multiple global suppliers in a standardized, easy to sort and read format. The supplier feedback feature will allow our LexNet suppliers to better target options for cost, distance, quality, etc. We are helping to make them better in their service to our customers!" Craig Donovan, Vice-President, Global Network Integration at Lexicon Relocation.

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