6 Steps to Take Global Mobility in Asia from Administrator to Strategic Advisor

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Jul 24, 2017

In many organizations in Asia, the in-house mobility team is viewed as a support function, heavily focused on administration issues, instead of a strategic partner to the business. Consequently, there is a significant disconnect between their service capabilities to assist in developing the company’s strategic workforce approach and the internal perception. In addition to misperceptions of value, there is a lack of clarification on the role the mobility team plays in facilitating the relocation of critical talent around the world.

In some more progressive organizations in Asia, a shift is beginning. Within these companies, global mobility is more focused on strategic planning and coordination, partnering with the line function and HR. Many organizations are now recognizing the need to link mobility with talent management and be strategic in policy design and implementation.

Mobility teams should follow the following six steps to improve effectiveness and raise awareness of their organizational value:

1. Evaluate existing processes and protocols to ensure policies are clear, concise and workable.

2. Be involved during the early stages of candidate assessment to select the right people for assignment.

3. Deliver expertise in specific areas such as taxation or immigration to improve compliance and create significant savings.

4. Improve internal communication to clearly communicate how the mobility function works.

5. Host regular forums with assignees and the business to raise the mobility program’s visibility.

6. Hire the right people with the right skills to deliver strategic solutions for global mobility.

The most impactful mobility teams implement ways to eliminate their administrative workload and focus on talent management strategy to significantly contribute to an organization’s growth and profitability. By learning to effectively measure and communicate their success, the true value of their contribution will be seen throughout the organization.

Check out the full white paper, From Administrator to Strategic Advisor: The Changing Face of Global Mobility in Asia and hear directly from mobility leaders throughout Asia on the challenges and opportunities. 

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Jialin Chia

Marketing Manager - Asia & Middle East, SIRVA Worldwide Relocation & Moving

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