Topics revealed for the FEM Amsterdam Conference

Join us on the 7 March 2019 at the Hotel Okura, Amsterdam

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Join the FEM Amsterdam Conference on the 7 March for an intensive day of learning and sharing with industry pioneers, experts and Global Mobility specialists. 

Here are just some of the day's topics - discover new insights into managing business travellers, security risk, award winning mobility teams and programs and much more!

‘New’ business travellers and cross-border workers - are you keeping them on track?

How can you minimize your exposure to risk?

Learn about best practice and how to transform global mobility’s role managing the mobile workforce from a reactive to a strategic one. Extended business travel, cross-border commuting and ‘virtual’ working enable organisations to be more agile - but at what cost? 


How to build an award-winning global mobility team for a small program

We welcome Nicolai Wassman Head of Global Mobility at Ramboll, as he leads this energetic Mobility Masterclass. Find out the secrets of Nicolai's team - and what they did to attain EMMAs glory in 2018.

This is one not to be missed!


A strategic approach to managing talent and demonstrating real ROI

Join this expert panel discussion to find out if you're attracting and retaining the right kind of talent. We cover business priorities versus the assignee experience, how you can keep costs down and demonstrate real value.


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