“Never assume and always ask the right questions to get to the core of the issue at hand.”

Adnan Altaf of Holcim, speaking at the APAC Summit, talks to us about the changing landscape and keeping candidates engaged.

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Sep 05, 2017

FEM is delighted to confirm that Adnan Altaf, Compensation, Benefits and Mobility Manager, ANZ at Holcim Australia Pty Ltd will be joining us on our 'Regional mobility challenges in the context of business expansion' keynote panel at the FEM APAC Summit 2017 on 7 September.

Adnan kindly took some time to answer some of our most pressing questions...

FEM: How long have you been involved in the Global Mobility sector?
AA: I have been involved in Global Mobility directly for five years now. And indirectly for another five years prior to that.

FEM: What changes have you seen in that time?

AA: I have seen a few changes taking place – less mobility occurring around the world for starters; the geopolitical environment has had a large impact on decision making and larger lead times in terms of starting international assignments both by companies and candidates.
FEM: What do you think are the three greatest challenges facing Global Mobility professionals today?
AA: My three key challenges would be:
a)      Keeping up with changes in the political environment and hence legislative impacts
b)      Mitigating risks has now become a very multi focal approach
c)      Selling the benefits of mobility in an ever changing landscape and keeping the candidates engaged throughout the process
FEM: Why do you think this issue is such a challenge for Global Mobility and why is it important that the audience understand more about the debate?

AA: I can answer it from the perspective of what’s transpired in Australia recently with the removal of the 457 visa program. Australia was seen as a very desirable destination for many expatriate workers with key skills to come, work and eventually settle down as permanent residents as the 457 visa program was flexible enough to allow all of this. The removal of the program without much notice and with immediate effect has made it very difficult for global mobility professionals in Australia to manage the impacts this has caused to their expatriate workforce. It has also made the future resourcing for some roles extremely difficult in the absence of locally available talent. It’s important for the audience to appreciate that while the changes maybe political in nature, it has some deep ramifications for the Australian economy and the future of its talent pipeline.

FEM: What is the one message you hope delegates take away from your session?
AA: Regardless of changes in legislation and the media attention, never assume and always ask the right questions to get to the core of the issue at hand.
FEM: Who would you recommend attend your session? 

AA: Anyone who is keen to understand how the recent changes in Australian immigration with respect to work visas may impact the movement of talent into this geography.
FEM: Which particular session are you most interested to attend? 

AA: I am really interested in this session “Expert insight: Reducing the stress of talent mobility through ‘neuro-leadership’ as it seems like a fresh/new approach/view on looking at impacts of mobility on people. 


About Adnan:

Adnan is an experienced HR Manager who specialises in the fields of remuneration, performance management, employee benefits, mobility and workforce analytics. He has worked in the insurance, engineering, infrastructure and construction, manufacturing and health care industries and was educated in the fields of Human Resources, Accounting and Information Technology at the University of New South Wales, Sydney and Monash University, Melbourne. In his career to date, Adnan has worked for both Australian and global companies and has spoken at a number of HR conferences on remuneration and mobility in Australia and Singapore.


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