2017 Annual Immigration and Expatriate Tax Update

A summary from the Chicago Chapter on January 17, 2017.
2017 Annual Immigration and Expatriate Tax Update

FEM is back for Chicago!

We just wrapped-up the relaunch of the Chicago FEM chapter on January 17th and it was a HUGE success. We were fortunate enough to have great speakers from KPMG and Fragomen Worldwide for our “Annual Immigration and Expatriate Tax Update.”

The topic was exceptionally interesting to participants because of all of the focus on the intentions and potential policies associated with new U.S. Presidential Administration that was due to be sworn in only a few days later. The audience walked away with a few key takeaways:

  • Both immigration and tax reform are coming to the U.S., the only questions are how soon and how much will change
  • Companies should start assessing their immigration risk now, and create back-up plans for the highest risk categories
  • While US taxes are generally expected to fall, there may not be a direct correlation to assignment programs. In some cases, assignment-related tax costs could actually increase.
  • Mobility programs should continue to communicate with the business potential changes and also be prepared to update tax & immigration policies once changes are finalized.

We are looking forward to a great follow up meeting on April 19th at Baxter Healthcare in Deerfield just north of Chicago for a panel discussion on Permanent Transfers.

See you then!

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