Global Mobility Trends

A summary of the Bangalore Chapter Meeting on July 27, 2017
Global Mobility Trends

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The Bangalore FEM Chapter covered some of the most challenging topics of Global Mobility such as:

  • Recent changes in Immigration laws
  • The affects that the changes have on businesses
  • Compliance measure for IT companies
  • Policy and Social Treaty trends in India

The leading Global Mobility experts provided their insights and experiences on how to navigate the changing landscape of immigration and offer innovative solutions to maintain business growth.

Ms. Jennifer Daubeny, Consul General, Canada - highlighted the positive effects of global immigration changes and how Canada is increasing their support for companies interested in conducting business there.

Mr. Kiran SN, General Manager, HCL - discussed how IT companies can maintain immigration compliance and the best practices followed by HCL.

Mr. Saurabh Baloria, Consultant, MERCER - addressed Global Mobility Policy approaches and trends in India. He also revealed the expectations that employees have for compensation and benefits packages for onsite assignment and provided strategic negotiation tips to and how to work around those.

Mr. Shivendra Singh, Vice President, NASSCOM- talked about changing immigration and social security treaties. He also addressed the recent changes in immigration laws introduced by the US Government and how it could affect Indian IT companies.

At the end of each speaker’s presentation, the floor was open for Q&A’s and everyone was free to share their experiences as well.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our speakers for offering their expert advice and opinions on these topics.

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