Are your health and security measures are in need of emergency help? Take part in FEM's new benchmarking survey and find out.

What kind of health and security risks are your organization's employees exposed to? How have you dealt with them and how could you do things better? Take part in our worldwide HR and Global Mobility benchmarking survey now!

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FEM has created a global benchmarking survey to 'take the temperature' of organizations that move their employees around within domestic areas and across the globe. 

As workers are deployed around an increasingly unpredictable and volatile world, find out whether the policies you have in place to protect you and your organization are in the peak of fitness or in need of emergency treatment. 

Whether you are responsible for business travellers, short- or long-term assignees, contractors or employees, this study seeks to yield new and valuable insights, but we need YOU to take part!

The results of this survey and the digital report which will be launched at the FEM Amsterdam Conference, 5 March 2020, will shine a light on existing policy, potential areas for review and the challenges experienced by organizations, enabling global mobility professionals to critically examine their own policies, whether long-standing or in development.

 We hope you find this important survey interesting and useful, and can employ the findings to benchmark and improve your own policies.

Please note:
All responses are anonymized - no individual will be identified - so tell us frankly how your organization is managing such risks and how you think it should be done!

Take part in this important worldwide survey here:

FEM Global Mobility Survey - Managing Health & Security Risks in an Uncertain World


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