​Reducing Stress in Global Mobility through Self Care

International Leadership coach Grant Herbert to speak at FEM EMEA Summit 2019

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Nov 06, 2019

We all know the global mobility industry is challenging and can often be stressful for GM professionals, not just the assignees and business travellers you take care of.

Working long hours, through virtual travel and availability due to global time zone differences, takes its toll on the most resilient of us. It can lead to many physical and mental health issues.

Mental Health, a subject that used to have a serious stigma that few of us talked about let alone admit we have struggled with, is now a conversation that is gathering awareness and recognition as a topic that matters to us all. Organisations and individuals in the Global Mobility space are recognising why the promotion of physical and mental health is vitally important.

Mental health of global mobility professionals (and all other employees) should matter to organisations for many reasons:

  • Employers have a social and ethical responsibility for the health and welfare of their people.
  • Poor mental health can lead to lower levels of engagement and productivity, high levels of absenteeism, increased risk of accidents, and increased costs and talent turnover.
  • A good mental health culture reduces the risk of litigation and negative reputation.

According to the Centre for Mental Health, mental health problems in the UK workforce cost employers around £35 billion in reduced productivity, staff turnover and sickness absence. It is time we turned this around by exercising self-care.

In this engaging opening session with international speaker and behavioural expert Grant Herbert, you will be empowered to reduce stress and increase your physical and emotional resilience for the journey ahead.

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Luke Marjason

Marketing Manager, The Forum for Expatriate Management


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Grant Herbert 3 months ago

Cannot wait to deliver this important message in London