Change and Challenges in Mobility

Discussion of recent challenges and changes are being faced by the Perth global mobility community.
Change and Challenges in Mobility

Global Mobility trends -insights from GM Asiapac survey, GM US conference discussed:

  • 53 organisations participated in the survey, 159 global mobility policies between them.
  • Macro Trends of Populism & nationalism; issues around Trust, security & privacy  and the Demographics of the workforce
  • Mobility is changing - everyone is mobile; need for policy alignment, matching rising employee expectations; increasing role of data and the continuing compliance related impact of Business Travellers.
  • Tax Landscape – greater need for transparency and preparedness for enforcement; audit readiness. Social security considerations and rising cost of noncompliance
  • Operating Models - push for efficiency; review of vendors, technology, processes  and consideration of alternative employing entities

 While there is growing demand for greater ‘employee experience’ yet there is limited personal choice in policies (only 15% of policies offered choice).

Increasing interest to work flexibly internationally yet policies do not reflect this (only 2% offer “all roles flex” type policies).

  • 85% of companies expect mobility to increase in the next two years
  • 64% of companies predict an increase in short term assignments
  • 57% of companies predict an increase in business travellers
  • PwC survey results indicate that Global Mobility policies have not adapted to include new types of globally mobile employees and hires

Roadtable discussion on:

  • What are your current challenges?
  • Where are your areas of focus and quick wins?
  • What is the reality of the mobility function/role in your organisation in 2020?

How do we see global  mobility continuing to evolve?

Some key take aways from PwC discussion: Future policies will make greater use of mobility data in order to refine offerings. The greater use of technology and data collection will enable this. Strategic mobility will become a more intentional  part of companies' people strategies. Managing the reality of global roles with people simply moving -to meet business needs. Employers and governments will partner in enhanced tax and immigration  compliance

PwC kindly shared their slide deck with participants.

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