An interview with Bill Greer

Meet our speaker, Bill Greer, from Kellogg in advance of his keynote panel at the Americas Summit!

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FEM is delighted to confirm Bill Greer, Senior Director for Global Mobility at Kellogg Co, will be joining us on our Tackling the Retention Challenge in Repatriation keynote panel at the Philadelphia Summit on 4 May. Join his panel to learn more about how to get ahead of the retention challenge curve.

FEM: How long have you been involved in the Global Mobility sector?

BG: 7 years

FEM: What changes have you seen in that time?

BG: More focus on cost control. More assignees going to less developed countries such as Egypt and Nigeria. Great need for flexibility to meet the different needs of employees and business units.

FEM: What do you think are the 3 greatest challenges facing Global Mobility professionals today?


  1. Maintaining compliance without slowing down the business
  2. Working faster and smarter to meet the needs of the business
  3. Answering all of those emails that come in from around the globe over-night.

FEM: Why do you think (this issue) is such a challenge for Global Mobility and why is it important that the audience understand more about the debate?

BG: Coordinating with talent management is critical given the large investment that is made in any type of cross border assignment. Managing this investment well is also the key driver of having a robust leadership pipeline for the next generation of senior executives.

FEM: What is the one message you hope delegates take away from your session?

BG: Plan carefully but be ready to react to business needs.

FEM: Who would you recommend attend your session?

BG: Anyone interested in learning how to be more strategic in a global mobility role.

Bill Greer is Sr. Director, Global Mobility for Kellogg Company and is responsible for both domestic and cross border mobility.

Before taking on responsibility for domestic mobility in 2014, Bill also was responsible for equity and executive compensation. In prior roles for Kellogg, he was responsible for the design and administration of all Kellogg benefit programs in the U.S. as well as consulting on major benefit changes outside the U.S.

Bill received his M.B.A in Finance and Real Estate from Indiana University and his B.S. in Finance from Miami University.

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