#7 Episode - What to do if potential candidates do not want to move?

Cicek Berse and Katharina Martin-Rollmann give us an insight into the interfaces between Talent and Mobility at TÜV NORD GROUP. They report on how they jointly master the requirements of global talent acquisition. We also learn more from Cicek about the design of the internal information platform to ensure an efficient exchange between business and HR.
#7 Episode - What to do if potential candidates do not want to move?

In the past, the importance of collaboration between Talent and Mobility was always emphasized. However, this statement mainly referred to the development of existing employees.

For some time now, we have been observing the trend that the required talent is sometimes no longer available on the local labor market and has to be recruited from abroad. But what happens if the potential candidate does not want to move to Germany? We explored this question with Cicek Berse and Katharina Martin-Rollmann in the current episode.

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