Just over a month to Melbourne!

We are only just over a month until FEM premieres in Melbourne for the first time.

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The Australia Global Mobility Conference is nearly upon us!

Join us in Melbourne on 20 July to examine the past year of Global Mobility in Australia before concluding with a look into the future with our closing keynote on exploring the mobility framework - in the ideal world, what will Global Mobility look like in five years?

Following our Americas Summit in May, FEM learned valuable insight from some of the top industry experts on their thoughts and predictions for the future. Is the future of Global Mobility more aligned to talent; indeed, even the idea of 'talent mobility' and will the function exist in five years?

Australia, as one of the leaders in APAC, is seeing growth in both inbound and outbound expatriates, so what will the future hold for a function that is growing? Discuss the strategy around this with our opening keynote on moving mobility to the strategic level before deep diving into a discussion how to use Global Mobility for a business advantage. Are you using mobility to attract and retain great talent?

What does the future hold for Australia and what do you expect to happen across the country? With an eye on environmental legislation, how will the traditional industry of mining, minerals and oil and gas fare? The import restrictions has led to a robust Australian and New Zealand consumer goods tradition, but as these home-grown companies look to reach new audiences in EMEA and the Americas, where will the Australian and New Zealand talent choose to go?

Help us find the answers to these questions at the conference and share your thoughts with us below!

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