COVID Lessons Learnt & Risk Outlook 2021 Preview

Please join us for this FEM Brisbane Chapter Meeting on Thursday, 26th November 2020 hosted by International SOS and KPMG. This event will be socially distanced roundtable as well as virtual.
COVID Lessons Learnt & Risk Outlook 2021 Preview

COVID Lessons Learnt & Risk Outlook 2021 Preview

COVID-19 has not only wreaked havoc on the world but has created unparalleled challenges for international assignees and those HR and mobility practitioners that were charged with supporting them, stand fast or deploy.

In this Australia-wide FEM event hosted by International SOS and KPMG, we take a look back on the year that was 2020 and forecast what we predict for 2021.  We will take a sneak peek at the results for the International SOS Risk Outlook 2021. 

Last year, International SOS's Risk Outlook research correctly predicted a rise in infectious disease outbreaks and geopolitical instability.


  • Dr Mauro Zambon, Regional Medical Director, Assistance (virtual)            
  • Rachel Groenhout, GM Assistance (virtual)
  • James Robertson, Regional Security Director (virtual)
  • Dr Andrew Ebringer, Regional Medical Director (Brisbane)

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Event Details:

In line with local COVID regulations, these events will be a hybrid of online and socially distanced roundtables.  This is our current plan, and is subject to change to comply with government guidelines. 

Please note that once an event location is full, additional registrants will be able to attend the virtual forum.

When:  Thursday, 26th November 2020 from 11am - 12:30pm     

Where:  KPMG, Level 16, Riparian Plaza, 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane


  • Complimentary to Corporate HR and those suppliers attending virtually
  • £75 for global mobility suppliers, per person, assuming the supplier has a valid Supplier Membership of £365 


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