EMMAs Success in 6 Easy Steps

The 2021 FEM EMMAs are now open! Want to know how to get started? Here are some essential tips for success…

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HOW TO ENTER THE FEM EMMAS (Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards)
Our platform tmakes the EMMAs entry and Summit registration process easier than ever for you. 

If you've entered before, your old login won't work - but don't worry - it's quick and easy to create a new one and the new system is much friendlier to use.

Just go to our page where you can select your categories and get started then:

  • Create an account 
  • Add your EMMAs entry and register for the Summit & EMMAs
  • Receive your confirmation 

Here, we have created a how-to-enter guide to make the process even easier for you. 

1. Get started
The easiest way to get started is to register for the EMMAs online. The registration form is where you can select which categories you’d like to enter. We only accept a limited number of entries per category so prompt registration is always recommended! Remember, you can enter more than one category. 

2. Prepare for your entry
Before you start your entry, have a think about what the judges are looking for. 

Along with an overall review of the submission as a whole, each entry is judged using a fairly complex system of scoring against the following criteria, so always keep these points in mind:

Impact of the work

3. Analyze the question carefully
Before you begin writing, make sure that you read the questions carefully. It might help to underline the key points later. Review your answers to ensure that you are addressing those specific issues.

TOP TIP: When putting your entry together, it’s a good idea to follow the flow of the entry criteria. It will also make it easier for the judges to follow.  

4. Stick to the rules and make it crystal clear for our judges 

  • Make a clear statement indicating why the individual, team or company should win the EMMA for the category, making clear the organisational benefits driven by the team/individual concerned.
  • Give examples of how the team/individual has impacted the overall business priorities of their employers or clients, any benefits to the assignees and any obstacles overcome, providing clear demonstrable results.
  • Show clear evidence of any innovations, effective deployment of resources or improvement in cost management.
  • Explain the longer term impact, lessons learned and how any improved methods have been introduced to other parts of the business or other clients.
  • Include details of up to 3 pieces of supporting material (see below for guidelines of what to provide).


  • All submissions must be made online and take the format requested
  • In all cases, the judges are looking for concise submissions and your entry should cover as many of the listed criteria as possible
  • Each entry should relate to work carried out in the last 5 years
  • Please keep the total word count of your entry (including testimonials) to 1,500 words
  • Please ensure your entry is relevant to the region you are entering – if your submission relates to work carried out globally, you must highlight projects in that particular region

5. Submit your entry
Entries can be edited online right up until the entry deadline (see below), when you will be required to submit your entry. You can also supply 3 supporting documents (as attachments) per category, to be provided in low-resolution format.

Supporting documents can include:

  • Client feedback/case studies
  • Testimonials (marketing pitches will result in disqualification
  • Demos or screenshots of technology
  • Summaries of research
  • Demonstrable metrics

Entry deadlines:

Americas EMMAs – Entry Deadline 23rd April 2021

APAC EMMAs – Entry Deadline 9th July 2021

EMEA EMMAs – Entry Deadline 10th September 2021

6. Register for the Summit & EMMAs celebrations! 

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities, contact:




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