FEM's Global Mobility Transformation Podcast

Join us for a NEW German speaking Network podcast sponsored by CIBT and EY
FEM's Global Mobility Transformation Podcast

This exciting new initiative will be moderated by Frank Jura, Managing Director at CIBT and FEM Chapter Lead Germany and Fabian Kuhnt, Sr Manager at EY.


The German-language podcast is aimed at everyone who works in the field of global mobility with a special focus on medium-sized companies. 

We take up topics with interesting speakers from the network and share insights into other companies and their solutions.

Among other things, we talk about: Development of a mobility strategy, the impact of COVID-19 on posting formats, adaptation of processes, tendering of IT tools and much more 

Interview Partners:

  • Thomas Clever (Mabanaft)
  • Heike Hoffmann (Sartorius),
  • David Rooney (EY)
  • Cicek Berse (TÜV Nord)
  • Eike Hahnemann (Beiersdorf)
  • Michaela Brumme (Wacker)
  • Markus Heinen (EY)
    ...and many more

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Podbean https://globalmobilitytransformation.podbean.com/

From May 11th onwards

1st Episode

Impact of COVID-19 on mobility strategy

David James Rooney, EMEIA Global Mobility Transformation Lead bei EY giving insights on HR Global Mobility Strategy

We are discussing with David what a mobility strategy is and why you should have one. Furthermore we will examine how you get started developing a strategy and which criteria and stakeholders to consider. He will also share is view on the pandemic impact on mobility strategies.

This podcast will be available on May 11th on all known platforms!

If you would like to contact us please visit www.globalmobilitytransformation.com or email us on mail@globalmobilitytransformation.com

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