The future has arrived - are you ready to embrace it?

How can you balance technology, risk management and very human sensitivities?
The future has arrived - are you ready to embrace it?

Join us for FEM's 2022 Amsterdam Conference at Hotel Okura, Amsterdam on Friday, 8th April to explore issues surrounding the future of work, immigration, technology, risk management, sustainability, and much more at FEM's dedicated European Conference.

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Bring your questions to our afternoon panel discussion.

We'll be examining how we can keep the 'human' in human resources while we take advantage of technology.

The future has arrived: How can you harness the power of lessons learned and innovation as you balance technology, risk management and new sensitivities?

  • How is the workplace and workforce evolving after the experience of so much remote working? 
  • How can you minimize your exposure to risk? 
  • How can you manage wider issues such as sustainability, D,E&I and sensitive data?
  • How is technology changing the workplace, what effect will AI have on mobility? 
  • What are the opportunities for self-service and process automation? 
  • How can we use the new ‘disruptive’ developments in technology and fresh thinking to create new mobility and HR models fit for the future?
  • How can you manage data security as criminal hacking becomes increasingly sophisticated?

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