Posting of Workers- To what extent compliance can be achieved by means of automation-webinar

Join us for the FEM Luxembourg Chapter Meeting - March 25, 2021

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FEM Luxembourg Chapter Meeting


Posting of Workers- To what extent compliance can be achieved by means of automation

  • Compliance workflow -Identifying routine tasks-using tools
  • Data identification, collection, and interpretation- one directive, 27 Member States, (27)ⁿ laws, regulations, administrative provisions, collective agreements….
  • Conflict of laws – opening “the algorithmic black box”?
  • Tools supported by knowledge or knowledge supported by tools?
  • Case studies from daily practice
  • Responsibility for failure to comply-liability for digital technologies


Tanel Feldman-Senior Partner Immigration Law Associates-

Area of expertise :EU law -labour mobility


Mar 25, 2021 03:00 PM in Luxembourg


Tanel Feldman

Senior Partner , Immigration Law Associates

Immigration Law Associates provides in-depth advice on rights and obligations triggered by the cross-border element of a given legal situation. Our know-how is built on an extensive experience in EU law and is supported by a network of partners across the EU. Social security coordination : • Autonomous application of the social security coordination regulations and ECJ case-law, to any situation involves a cross-border element EU Company law : • Establishment -permanent activities • Establishment -self-employment activities International Private Law : • Law applicable to the employment relationship Labour and employment law : • Freedom of movement of workers-equal treatment, access to social benefits • Employment contracts and termination of employment • Working conditions • Employee benefits • Transfer of undertakings • Authorisations of work for third-country nationals Special regimes : • Posted workers • Frontier workers • Highly mobile workers • Employment of record • Intra-EU mobility of third-country nationals