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The transposition of the amended Posting of Workers Directive brought a great deal of automated solutions to grant compliance.

It is presumed that the amended PWD constitutes grounds for increased vigilance will be exercised by labour authoritIes over employers posting workers.

Most of the automated solutions are addressing the administrative requirements from Article 9 Directive 2014/67/EU.
Or the amended PWD is not about administrative measures. The amended PWD lays down the obligation to comply with terms and conditions of employment provided for by law, regulations, administrative provisions and/or collective agreements which have been declared universally applicable in the Member State where the work is carried out.

To what extent an accurate determination of terms and conditions of employment can be automated ?

The webinar will feature at EU level opportunities and limits of automation in granting compliance with the posting of workers rules.
Mind and/or Machine ?

Free attendance- topic covered at EEA level by Tanel Feldman of Immigration Law Associates


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