Virtual Viewings Webinar Highlights

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If you missed our webinar looking at the Good, The Bad & The Ugly of virtual viewings, please find the key takeaways below. 

Most importantly: don't force them on employees (60% of our Assignees still prefer in person viewings) - but they are very popular with assignees for four reasons:

  1. Assignee wellbeing - they can bring peace of mind to Assignees who want somewhere sorted for when they arrive. They don't have the faff/stress of having to move twice
  2. Cost - either they save on temporary accommodation or you do - win-win!
  3. Search period - they can start their Home Search earlier in the process and access more properties. Typically assignees need to wait until they arrive to start their search - virtual viewings allow them to search ahead of time. This also helps you reduce escalations as they have a longer period of time to find a home 
  4.  Increased assignee knowledge - By starting their search earlier, assignee's get a better understanding of their destination countries' property market's speed, norms, and processes. Additionally, the triple lock viewings process PerchPeek performs with virtual viewings ensures an assignee gets a new home that has no nasty surprises!     

Harry Parker

Head of Business Development , PerchPeek

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