The FEM APAC Summit is back in Singapore this Wednesday & Thursday!

The APAC Summit agenda boasts a wealth of topics to explore. There is something for everyone, for every industry and programme size.

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Our annual APAC Summit is back this Wednesday and Thursday 7-8 September and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

With a wealth of topics to explore, there is something for everyone, for every industry and programme size.

Our opening keynote on day one tackles the question of “What is APAC”? As the region continues to develop, disparity between economies continues to rise. The fragmentation between the countries considered part of the region is further compounded by unique, vibrant cultural identities. APAC is evolving and its diversity is one of its most fantastic offerings, however, it presents challenges too and managing these can be difficult. As more businesses move into and across APAC, the question of how to handle the needs of talent and ensure they are adequately cared for in each jurisdiction will need to be further scoped out. Join Stephen Park, Head of Global Mobility at Fonterra, Kerwin Guillermo, Global Employee Mobility Director at Hewlett Packard, Soumen Chowdhury, Head of Global International Mobility (GSSC) at Ericsson and Sean Collins, Founder of Talent Mobility Asia to dive into these questions.

Following this, the Top Challenges Panel Discussion in the Global Mobility Strategy and Alignment track offers a fascinating further discourse into the strategic alignment of APAC within the business. The differences which make APAC attractive for growth ambitions of a business must also be paralleled in global mobility policies. Balancing the unique needs of APAC with the requirements of the business can be tricky, particularly as we see a rise in more homegrown talent being moved around intra-APAC over the traditional model of assignments into the region. Carolyn Milligan, Head of Global Mobility, Kantar Group, Kamali Rajesh, Head of HR ASEAN, Syngenta, Sylvie Ackermann, Independent HR Consultant and Chris Fogarty, Group Sales Director, Sterling will be sharing their insight, solutions and tips and it is a session that cannot be missed for those looking to find ways to communicate to their wider mobility teams and business about the unique environment of APAC.

The first day of the summit reflects the actuality of the evolving landscape in the region. APAC cannot be governed as one whole and Tina Arcilla, Head of DIAN, will be taking us through the local working culture, policies and packages across Asia with a lens on LGBT, Maternity, Paternity and other Diversity and Inclusion unique to key countries. With a disparity in human rights index, understanding the complexity of where you are moving staff may help lead to reduced cultural shock. This session ought to be attended by any professionals who have had difficulty with employee adjustment into APAC.

Day two, in comparison, has a focus on the integration of talent and mobility. The future of global mobility as a function is in hot debate. Where will the function go as we continue to move to a true strategic partner? Join us on the second day of the summit to examine this union and how it will be enabled or impacted by immigration, policy and technology.

In Track D, the expert insight and case study around Technology & Tracking will bring Equus together with Jessica Kimbley, Head of International Reward at Standard Chartered Bank and Dilip Boury, Managing Consultant – Workforce Science and Analytics, IBM to share practical insight into solutions which have worked and how the holistic combination of great technology with tracking metrics assists in compliance and reduction of administrative burden. As compliance and employee oversight remain two of the top challenges in APAC, these back to back sessions are a fantastic opportunity for anyone seeking to understand or improve how data analytics are gathered, reported and used within their own organisations.

Unique to Singapore, Fragomen will be leading a roundtable on Singapore’s Fair Consideration Framework twice in the afternoon. This is a must attend for mobility managers and directors operating in Singapore. Join Hedvika Gibbs and Jenny Lee to look at the changes Singapore has experienced in their immigration framework and what impact these will have on recruitment and growth within the market.

Our day ends with a closing keynote on the meaningful engagement of the ‘expat spouse’. The days of a trailing spouse are coming to a close and the rise of dual careers must be considered as you move talent into the region. Ildiko Modla-Szalai, Founder and President of the Board of Directors for will guide attendees through models of keeping career-minded partners engaged and discuss ways to leverage their talents in a way that benefits the assignee, the family and the community around them. In a region which can often lend itself to cultural shock for non-working partners, this session is critical for anyone who has experienced assignment difficulty or, worse, fail, as a result of partner unrest.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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