Amsterdam Conference - Magdalena Marchlewska of Coca Cola shares her thoughts on unlocking potential in your organization

Magdalena will be speaking at our forthcoming Amsterdam Conference next week. Here's a small taster of what she will be sharing with delegates

Magdalena Marchlewska, Global Mobility Account Manager, The Coca-Cola Company, will be participating in a panel discussion at  FEM Amsterdam Conference on 5th March at Hotel Okura

In anticipation of her session at FEM's Amsterdam Global Mobility Conference, FEM's Global Director of Content & Events, Claire Tennant-Scull, asked Magdalena a few brief questions to find out what she is looking forward to discussing and sharing when we hear from her at Hotel Okura on 5th March.

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What do you think are the three greatest challenges facing Global Mobility Professionals today? 

Magdalena Marchlewska (MM)
1. I’d mention rapidly changing compliance requirements. Brexit and other immigration changes, EU Directive enforcement and its local application that varies country by country – I could go on, but these are all the areas of paramount importance for a GM professional who is to make sure the cross border moves within the organization are happening in a compliant way, ideally are also cost effective for the business and smooth for the assignees. 

2. There’s another challenge – how to work on the GM image as the admin function and become a strategic advisor to the business? Considering all the logistics and legal requirements going around an assignment, at the same time GM should work closely with the leaders to be involved in the business strategy and talent agenda for the employees. 

3. Leveraging the technology and digitalization is a great challenge as it often means moving away from a comfort zone, moving away from the tools and processes we know. But they are inevitable in our every day life and in the business as well, so GM needs to keep pace.

You’re taking part in the closing panel discussion: Talent Spotting – Unlocking Potential in Your Organization. What sparks your interest in this? 

I believe Global Mobility is such a powerful tool for attracting and developing talent. The way the process is designed, the way the policies are structured – it all has the impact on how the talent agenda in the organization is executed. In the world of globalization and the companies competing for talent, I think it’s very important for us to focus on this topic and literally unlock potential in our organizations as a GM function.

What are the benefits of attending FEM Amsterdam and what session(s) are you looking forward to? 

All of them, really 😊 I appreciate FEM always offers variety of topics discussed during the sessions. And I appreciate how different backgrounds and points of views are presented within just one day. That’s a great learning curve for even experienced GM professionals. 

How do you think mobility is changing in the EMEA region? 

I believe it reflects what’s happening globally to some extent. Increasing number of International Business Travellers and project based business trips or the need to adjust the GM policies to meet the assignees’ expectations – there are pretty much the same trends as in the rest of the world. However, I believe that the fact there are so many different countries, and thus legislations and requirements that differs country by country has a significant impact on the mobility in EMEA. I know some people may think “oh, that’s a move from one EU country to another, so it’s going to be super easy and cost nothing” but that’s not the truth and it’s GM’s responsibility to increase such awareness.

Bring your questions for Magdalena at our Amsterdam Global Mobility Conference, Thursday, 5th March.

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