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How do you really help your people discover and embrace new horizons?

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May 09, 2018

I found myself sharing time at The RSA with Tom Matchett AKA The London Storyteller discussing what was the most valuable commodity we have in business today. 

Because of our surroundings talks led to a watchmaker who lived in the 16th Century called John Harrison’s.

You see, before the World of Global Mobility Professionals and relocations experts Mr Harrison invented a device that revolutionised international trade and productivity - This invention was the H4 sea watch.

This unique timepiece enabled accurate global navigation and provided a competitive edge in maritime exploration for the British which led to their eventual global dominance. 

On a more human level, it brought peace of mind to those intrepid explorers and pioneers because they could plan, discover and embrace new horizons.

The same golden principle of the relationship between time, knowledge and guidance is still true today. 

As any GM professional knows, its difficult for people to acclimatise to different surroundings but if done successfully there are many rewards in making an unfamiliar place more familiar.... 

...And lets be honest relocation never ends with a change in view from an office window.  Discovering a new place should be enriching, inspiring and personalised.  

In my short experience with Global Mobility the focus appears to be on operations and processes as you'd expect to relocate a person efficiently and effectively - But what of the richness of different cultural and information led experiences?

Big cities such as London can be a cold, isolating places that unaided can take many years to feel connected with.  This sort of environment and the impact that it has upon life satisfaction can be corrosive to a persons prospects in performing at their peak on a sustainable long term basis.

I was therefore pleased to spend some time with Tom who's leading the way in London with this kind of 'get-to-know' private cultural experiences in London. ....And the conclusion of our discussion on the most valuable commodity of all?

Well of course its time - but more importantly how that times is spent in providing people with the best start in their new surroundings.  

I'm sure I've missed some crucial ways you already make your people feel familiar and comfortable in their new surroundings - So, please share them here the more unusual the better.  

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Damian McAlonan

Managing Partner , The Boost Partnership

Damian is a multi-award winning communications professional with more than two decades experience in commercial strategy and advertising roles. He’s held senior managerial and board executive roles at Express Newspapers, United News & Media, WFCA Plc, EMAP and AOL Time Warner. Before becoming Managing Partner of The Boost Partnership he specialised in ‘people engagement’ as Business Advisor for a leading CIPD HR consultancy in the UK. What distinguishes Damian in the field of ‘learning and development’ is his passion for keeping things simple and providing clear explanations for what motivates and drives effective change in people. Damian currently helps a select group of clients uncover how to create their own people strategy that enables them to provide a more productive, engaging and great place to work. He is a contributor to specialist HR, Leadership and Business Management press and Business Mentor for His Royal Highness the Duke of York’s ‘Enterprise Unit’.

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