Tokyo Chapter: An Introduction

An introduction to the FEM Tokyo Chapter

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Jul 27, 2016

Tokyo Chapter, freshly started in November 2015, is held by the global relocation company Sterling Japan. Served by a growing success among the International Human Resources Community, FEM Tokyo is seeing the number of attendees growing at the occasion of each new chapter.

FEM organizes quarterly events in the city center of Tokyo, about subjects that are particularly relevant to expatriate management and close to the actualities’ burning issues in terms of Global Human Resources Management. The panel of themes that are dealt with are seen through many angles such as financial, cultural, ethics (…) and keeps in line with the situations that human resources managers are experiencing in Japan.

The most popular format of FEM Chapters is a late afternoon conference-speech with one or a panel of experts, followed by free conversion / Q&A, and some networking time for attendees to know each other better.

Our speakers come from the corporate, consultancy or the academic environment.

Most of the invitees belong to the Human Resource department of global companies, or are working in the field of consultancy. The common point is that all of them are dealing with problematics such as immigration, expatriates tax, international moving on a daily basis. But basically, FEM events are opened to everyone showing interests about global human resources management.

We keep a convivial atmosphere, so that everyone can feel comfortable about sharing ideas and personal experiences to foster brainstorming and maximize the event’s intellectual value.

If you are interested to get more information, or to join Tokyo FEM Chapter, feel free to contact Milena OSIKA.

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Milena OSIKA

Business Developer, Sterling Japan

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