The Unique Challenges of Hiring Remotely

While it has its challenges, by now we can all agree that remote-first companies can work. With a little planning and intention, it’s entirely possible to remain productive, connected and have positive relationships with your remote team.

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Mar 13, 2020

If we consider the increasingly high demand for remote positions, and the fact that location is no longer relevant, it makes sense that hiring a remote team should be relatively easy too.

And while it’s by no means an impossible task, just as managing a remote team is slightly different to managing a co-located one, hiring one has its own unique challenges too.

To uncover the key differences (and some tactics to overcome them), we chatted to Lance Robbins, founder and CEO of RemotelyConnected a remote talent acquisition service.

He shared what he looks for in candidates and some of the general principles he uses when assisting his clients in building their remote teams. 

“I don’t necessarily think it’s harder, but it’s definitely different,” Lance says of the remote hiring process.

Testing for emotional intelligence

As well as the technical skills required for the specifies role, remote contributors need to exhibit characteristics that make them more suited to remote conditions — namely, high emotional intelligence and communication skills.

“What’s really important for a remote worker is that self-awareness and self-management,” Lance says.

“Someone who might be a real technical whiz – if they’re not able to regulate their day or recognise when they need help could really struggle in a remote environment.”

Discovering whether a candidate possesses these attributes can be a difficult task. Often, it’s less about answers to interview questions and more about how they interact throughout the entire more

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