2018 World Cup:

32 Teams, 32 Prices - the most expensive country will surprise you!

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Jul 09, 2018

At AIRINC, we specialize in all things international, so it only makes sense that we're big fans of the world's game. Our staff hails from many of the nations competing in the World Cup and we have been following the competition closely.

As we're cheering along with you, we thought it’d be fun to share some facts about the tournament:

  • Uruguay were both the hosts and winner of the first World Cup in 1932
  • The 2014 World Cup reached over 3.2 billion viewers, with over 1 billion people tuning in for the World Cup final
  • Russia expects that over 1 million fans will travel to Russia to see the 2018 FIFA World Cup this year

 32 Teams, 32 Prices: What country has the most expensive game balls?

Click here to view map and  learn more - https://airshare.air-inc.com/2018-world-cup-32-teams-32-prices-the-most-expensive-country-will-surprise-you

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