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Anir Chatterji

Senior Manager, PwC Legal Middle East LLP
  • PwC Legal Middle East LLP
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  • United Arab Emirates
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Giovanni De Carlo

Director, Business Development - Central-Eastern-Southern Europe, Crown World Mobility

Giovanni started his career within the aviation industry, in which he worked for nearly 20 years in various roles. He has worked and lived in the U.K., Austria, Spain, Geneva and Zurich while managing business across Europe and Northern Africa. For the last 12 years, Giovanni has mainly been acting as an executive in commercial and general management functions, which allowed him to gain a vast experience in managing people in multicultural and rapidly changing environments. As Business Development Director Continental Europe for Crown World Mobility, he continuously expands his know-how by designing World Mobility solutions for multi-national companies and closely follows industry trends on a worldwide basis.
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Anita Chalke

Immigration Manager at PROVEN, Proven SA