Boston Chapter: An Introduction

An introduction to the FEM Boston Chapter
Boston Chapter: An Introduction

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The Boston Chapter, founded in 2011 by Stephen Hoffman and is still headed by him today. Stephen is currently an Assistant Vice President at Arthur J Gallagher – the third largest insurance brokerage firm in the world where expatriate employee benefits is a large focus for him.

The chapter receives regular attendance from professionals in many industries including but not limited to financial services, biotech, software and higher education. The Boston Chapter holds five to six events annually that encompass every aspect of global mobility, including but not limited to immigration, relocation, tax, cultural education, global crisis management, expatriate compensation and more. Event attendees range from global mobility managers to senior global HR leaders as well as industry providers.

Generally the Boston Chapter meetings are held in the mornings from 8:15am to 11:15am at the KPMG office right outside of South Station (downtown Boston). A couple of times per year, we do mix up the location and support evening events plus an end of year holiday party. Our meetings are very well attended and can expect anywhere from 30 to 70 mobility professionals/providers at any given meeting. We always serve breakfast at our morning meetings, and drinks and hors d’oeuvres for the evening ones. Global mobility professionals come for to experience a shared learning and networking environment. Our presentations often take very interactive forms such as panel discussions that foster audience participation and interactions.

We have a steering committee comprised of 9 individuals from a variety of industries from both a provider and corporate perspective. We also encourage attendees to share their ideas and interests to assist in the development of future Boston FEM programs.

Those who may be interested in joining the Boston Chapter for one of their upcoming events or networking opportunities are welcome to contact Steve Hoffman for more information.

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