FEM Perth Chapter Meeting 09/08/18

Join us for the FEM Perth Chapter Meeting on 09 August
FEM Perth Chapter Meeting 09/08/18

FIFO Workforce – People, Policy and Performance

Fly-In Fly-Out arrangements are a staple of Western Australian mobility programmes, but in recent times have become the focus of much negative attention surrounding the impact of the “FIFO lifestyle” on mental health, performance, families and relationships. 


Join us on Thursday August 9th for a breakfast seminar where we will explore domestic and international mobility from a number of different angles:

  •  Our panel of seasoned mobility professionals will share some of the challenges their organisations have faced in the FIFO space and what they have done from a mobility policy and process perspective to alleviate the pressures on their personnel, whilst balancing business and operational needs
  • We will explore some of the tax concessions available for personnel working in remote locations. Does your policy allow your organisation to maximize tax savings from the use of these benefits?
  • High performing athletes and military professionals know the importance of recovery to maximise their performance. But did you know the same is true in a business environment, particularly for FIFO staff who often combining physically demanding shift-work with a grueling travel schedule? 

Jason Murray, Director of KPMG’s Performance Clinic will take us through the links between Recovery and Performance and highlight ways in which we as mobility professionals can help our businesses design smart strategies to help FIFO staff operate at peak levels of both safety and performance. 

Speaker Panel:

·         Graeme Ditchburn – School of Psychology – Murdoch University

Dr Graeme Ditchburn is Academic Chair of Organisational Psychology at Murdoch University with more than 20 years of consultancy and research experience in the field of cross-cultural expatriate adjustment, individual differences and job performance.

·         Alex Sheldrake – HR and Senior International Mobility Specialist, Iluka Resources

Alex Sheldrake has spent her career assisting with global mobility.  Having spent the majority of her career at Deloitte in the UK and Australia advising large corporations on expatriate taxation, Alex is now Senior International Mobility Specialist at Iluka Resources, with assignees mainly in Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka.

·        Melanie Pollard - People and Culture Officer/ERP HR Lead, Resolute Mining

Melanie has been working in the international mobility space for the last 8 years, starting with a French company in PNG and then moving to Australia, both in the Oil and Gas industry. She has worked on major O&G projects like the PNG LNG project and the Gorgon project as well as in corporate offices, and has lived and worked in Western Africa and PNG. She moved in to the mining industry a year ago when she joined the team at Resolute.


9th August 2018, 07:30- 09:30am


KPMG, Level 8, 235 St George’s Terrace, Perth


  • Complimentary to Corporate HR
  • £75 for global mobility suppliers, per person, assuming the supplier has a valid Supplier Membership of £350


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