The Pitfalls of Global Mobility - Six critical questions you must answer before you send employees overseas

The global world of business is changing rapidly, and more and more businesses are beginning to expand their operations overseas. Those of you who have already started this journey will be aware that sending employees overseas requires detailed research and planning due to the many potential pitfalls which could jeopardise your plans. Here are 6 important questions which you should ask when you’re preparing to expand your business overseas. Knowing your answers, and the action you need to take as a result, will have a huge impact on the success or failure of your project.

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Alan Bentley

Managing Director, IPM Global Mobility Limited

I joined IPM Global Mobility in 2004 as Managing Director. My main focus is to help Global Mobility professionals to develop and implement a seamless process for transferring their assignees between countries, ensuring compliance at all times. My role is to ensure we provide a flexible management service that delivers cost savings, legal compliance, and peace of mind to Clients. Through continuous improvement of our systems and processes we ensure your HR team are benefiting from time and cost efficiency, and receive a very personal and responsive service from our highly competent team of experts. This almost inevitably leads to long-lasting relationships that ensure your company is fully compliant, and your assignees and their families arrive at their new destination relaxed, prepared, and ‘ready to go’. What makes IPM very different is the culture and connection where IPM become a natural extension to the in-house HR teams. We value the relationships we have with our clients, and recruit a team with the same vision and passion to build strong, long-lasting partnerships.

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