Mission Statement

The Forum for Expatriate Management's (FEM) mission is to distil best practice across regions, industries and functions while providing valuable networking opportunities for knowledge sharing and program support. Through our multi-platform of content and events we are able to encourage dialogue and enable mobility professionals to unite, learn and grow.

It is our goal to cover every aspect of moving an employee from one location to another, entailing:

  • Benefits
  • Immigration
  • Logistics
  • Policy
  • Relocation Management
  • Taxation
  • Technology Solutions

FEM also provides more technical information for the benefit of your organisation:

  • Industry insight
  • Surveys & reports
  • Academic research

Our chief aim to inspire and inform the community of Global Mobility and HR professionals, as well as leading corporate organisations. Discover crucial news stories and insights and attend events ranging from tight-knit roundtable discussions to one to two day Summits and Conferences


Our online community is based out of www.forum-expat-management.com with a strong presence on LinkedIn and Twitter for accessing news, jobs, knowledge and suppliers.

Made up of leading suppliers and vendor partners, as well as corporate, in-house Global Mobility and HR professionals, our community are leaders, experts and valued voices within the wider mobility function.

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We are proud to host three Summits across EMEA, APAC and the Americas, as well as two regional Conferences and Chapter Meetings spanning the globe. The prior year of Global Mobility success is honoured through our annual Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards (EMMAs), recognising the best practice from both corporate programs and supplier services.

Our dedicated Conferences and Summits bring together Global Mobility professionals, providers, consultants and industry experts in an inclusive environment tailored for learning and sharing best practice. Attendees have the opportunity to share, learn and partake in discussions dedicated to benchmarking and knowledge distillation, as well as hear updates from leading experts in the field, network with peers and meet with suppliers in our exhibition halls in order to stay up to date on service offerings.

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We offer bespoke tailor-made solutions for both in-house Global Mobility professionals and members of the supplier network. Our sales offerings and potential for helping enable your own growth can be made directly to Aiden Powell and Nicky Kabanza.

Our consulting arm conducts comprehensive policy and process review including the production of best in class policy, process maps and governance models.

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