Global Mobility for Professional Practices: Managing a mobile workforce

Global Mobility has become a prominent theme as Professional Practice Firms have expanded internationally. Their global strategies, the demands of their clients and often the implementation of business and legal processing centres all require a more mobile trainee, associate and partner population. Mobility is also increasingly recognised as a key driver in the execution of the Talent Agenda in many Firms.

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Organisations today are faced with an increasingly complex global talent landscape. The workforce is becoming more agile, diversified and on demand, leading organisations to re-evaluate their views on mobility and their global workforce. Deloitte’s Global Workforce team helps organisations establish a Global Workforce strategy that is future proof; navigating your organisation through the increasingly complex talent mobility environment. We work with you to enhancing both operational and strategic aspects of global workforce and talent programmes. Innovating through consulting, technology and analytics to optimise, reshape or transform your mobility and talent programmes.

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