How do you manage your Global Mobility function?

The phrase "best practice" is thrown around a lot, but what does it mean? How do you measure whether you are best in class?

Global Mobility can often be in a silo. We sit in varying parts of the business, our teams ranging from small to large, decentralised to highly structured. The rhyme and reason of Global Mobility is a function in constant flux. We evolve, adapt and grow to suit the business and deliver their talent agenda. Global Mobility is proactive as it is responsive. Gone are the days of being a reactive function for multinationals expanding. While smaller organisations can afford to scope and change their programme as needs change, the large businesses need to be looking at Global Mobility as the captain in steering how to fulfil growth plans.

But how do you ensure your mobility team is organised, ready and scalable to face the future? How do you know if you're getting how mobility is delivered right?

FEM's Managing the Global Mobility Function (MGMF) survey!

By sharing insight into your programme, you receive insight from your peer companies, segmented by industry and size, so you can compare how you are structuring, running, managing and growing your internal delivery team. What are the popular models for running a mobility team internally? How many people are on the team and what cross-training goes into each position to ensure a robust, holistic management of your mobility department? Where does the mobility team sit that manages each region?

You also can compare to the success and happiness rate your competitors have with their vendor network. The valuable insight of who is doing it well and how many truly think they are best in class is worth the time to contribute. Benchmarking performance is critical for a business and in taking part in the survey, you are able to demonstrate, via tangible results, to the business the change or innovation required for your programme or show how you have set the standard for excellence.

Take part in the survey today! The time required is around 30 minutes and all those who complete will be entered for a chance to win a fabulous set of prizes, including £375 in prepaid credits cards and two seats to the EMMAs dinner of their choice in 2017. You'll also receive an exclusive executive summary with a look at the industry and regional variances and have the opportunity to ask for separate segmentation, where needed to better understand those in similar demographics and how they operate.

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