FEM EMMAs - Top tips for a winning entry

What are the EMMAs judges really looking for in a winning awards submission? Here are some essential tips...

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In their ninth year, the FEM EMMAs are stronger than ever – and are the global mobility industry’s premier awards for recognizing excellence worldwide – with distinct events in three regions: the Americas, APAC, and EMEA.

The EMMAs offer those in the Global Mobility industry the opportunity to celebrate success and give vital recognition to the industry’s leaders and rising stars and to showcase best practice, but we’re always looking for ways to improve them, and this year, we have reviewed and refreshed the categories to ensure that whatever your particular skills may be, whether you are an HR or Global Mobility corporate professional or a service provider – there is a category for you.

The EMMAs are an ideal way to raise your professional or company profile and it’s easy and free to enter. The judges are highly experienced industry leaders and the judging process is completely independent – they will never judge a category in which their own organization has entered and cannot be influenced by sponsors or other supporters.

Top tips to help you enter

Entering is easy and free, but we understand that it can seem a little daunting to start your submission, so we have put together some essential tips to help you create that winning entry:

Location, location, location
Make sure that your submission is relevant to the region into which you are entering – if your submission relates to work carried out globally, you must highlight projects that have been carried out in the Americas, APAC or EMEA (whichever is appropriate).

Up to date
Your entry must also relate to work carried out in the year and can include the last 5 years.

Analyze the question carefully
It might seem an obvious point, but before you begin writing, make sure that you read the questions carefully. It might help to underline the key points and later, review your answers to ensure that you are addressing those specific issues. So for instance, if a question asks you to demonstrate evidence of innovation, get straight to the point and tell the judges what you have done and then go on to explain why there was a need for it and finally, how this has benefited your organization or clients.

Keep the key criteria in mind
Along with an overall review of the submission as a whole, each entry (except for some of the individual awards) is judged using a fairly complex system of scoring against the following criteria, so always keep these points in mind:

  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Impact of the work

Be your own critic
Cast a critical eye over the way that your text is organized and keep your points succinct. A combination of short paragraphs with bullet points, or underlined subheadings often seem to feature in winning entries, so make sure that the vital information that you want to convey isn’t buried halfway through a long paragraph of explanation.

Stick to the point
Keep your entry concise and to the point: 1,500 is the total word count.

Make your achievements stand out
Remember that the judges will be reading a tremendous amount of material and although they are extremely dedicated and will read everything carefully, if you can make it easier for them to see the pertinent information, it can only be to your benefit.

Back up your claims with evidence
If you make a bold claim – and of course, you must think you’re the best at what you do, or else you wouldn’t be entering the EMMAs – just make sure that you can back it up with evidence. So for instance, if you say you have the best team, explain why, and talk about their specialist skills, experience and how they have solved particular problems.

You can include up to three pieces of supporting material that can include:

  • Client feedback/case studies
  • Testimonials (marketing pitches will result in disqualification)
  • Demos or screenshots of technology
  • Summaries of research
  • Demonstrable metrics

Be discerning
Gather plenty of supporting evidence, but then edit it down. It’s a great idea to include testimonials, but be discerning. Although interpersonal relationships are important, testimonials and recommendations should not just confirm what nice, helpful people you are, but need to focus on how you have solved particular challenges and changed outcomes.

Ask for help with that final check
When you're working hard on something for a long time it can be easy to miss a typing error or make a vital omission, so ask a trusted peer to take a look at your submission before you send it in. A fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference.

So why should you take the trouble to enter FEM’s EMMAs?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Raise your company’s profile – and your own professional standing
  • Showcase best practice and improve standards across the industry
  • Reward and motivate your team
  • Communicate your success and the importance of the GM function across your organization
  • Retain and recruit the best talent
  • Show your clients that your expertise is recognized across the Global Mobility industry

It’s easy to enter, just visit our Events site and go to the EMMAs section. You can download a form and begin your submission offline, then upload it when you have everything ready.

You can find full details of the criteria, categories and guidelines when you click the Enter Now button.

Entries are still open for the Americas EMMAs in Denver on 4 May, but the deadline is February 10th – so don’t delay!

Keep checking www.forum-expat-management.com for the opening dates for APAC and EMEA later in the year.

Good luck!

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