Tackling the key issues of risk management, diversity, and technology with Matt Burns

Matthew Burns, is a renowned figure in the global mobility industry and is presenting a number of key sessions at this year's Americas Summit.

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Matthew Burns, now an independent HR and Global Mobility Consultant, was previously HR Operations Director at Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Before joining Lockheed Martin, Matt served for 26 years in the U.S. Foreign Service, and his assignments included stays in Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, the Soviet Union, Italy and Israel. His extensive travels – to many of the world’s most troubled locations has clearly informed his approach to his work in global mobility.

At this year’s Americas Summit, Matt is characteristically involved in a broad range of mobility topics, where he will be speaking and moderating sessions on issues including gender-inclusive diversity, using technology and risk management and compliance.

First thing on Day One, delegates can join Matt at our Roundtable session where at table 7: Gender inclusive Global Mobility: increasing opportunities for female mobility he’ll be Identifying and addressing key issues facing female assignees and then looking at ways to provide effective support for women in emerging markets and how to create flexible benefit options that take into consideration the challenges of female mobility.

After lunch, attendees can choose between three tracks, and Matt will be moderating a panel discussion in Track C where Christopher Chalk, Global Mobility Manager at Siemens Corporation Elizabeth Karcher, Director of Global Mobility & Total Rewards Communications at Discovery Communications, and Andrew Walker, Global Mobility Leader at EY will be examining ways of Using global mobility technology to support business strategy.

Among many other questions, Matt is also keen to know from the panel what lessons they have learned from their global mobility technology projects? What are the top two or three things a global mobility leader can do to increase the probability of a global mobility technology project having a successful outcome? Technology can often be seen as a rather dry topic, but this discussion promises to be a really open and engaging one, with the panelists providing very different perspectives on the subject. Matt will welcome your questions, so bring along your concerns and challenges for the panel.

Day Two will begin with our keynote panel session on Risk Management and Compliance: A Wider Discussion of FEM’s 2017 Policy in Practice Report. We launched this report at our Houston Conference, where Matt took part in the panel discussion, but he was so struck by several of the findings, that he was keen to focus on some of the key points and conduct a live poll with the audience as part of a panel discussion. Joining him to explore the report further is an impressive panel of industry leaders: Brian Madine, Director, Global Mobility at McDonald’s Corporation, Jennifer Manis, who manages the International HR Center of Excellence at Halliburton, and Laura Rodriguez, Global Director of Talent Mobility at Johnson & Johnson.

With special emphasis on privacy issues, health and security risks – and how to mitigate them, Matt and the panel will be exposing the possible hazards for organizations and employees but also offering some practical strategies for you to take away too.

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