Setting Up a European Identity Document?

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Sep 09, 2017

Member States issue not standardised national ID cards. and only 13 Member States provide biometric cards. 

Exercising its right of initiative, the European Commission looks forward to proposing legislative measures, to grant “quality and certainty in identity documents”.


  • Reduce document fraud.
  • Reduce costs to public and private service providers.
  • Facilitate Intra-EU mobility.

 Policy options will be considered

  • Leave action to Member States, assuming that the latter will adapt to new technology.
  • Non-legislative measures at EU level (soft law), such as sharing best practices, training, Single Point of Contact to grant intra-EU exchange of information.
  • Minimum harmonisation at EU level, involves legislative measures to grant adjustment of certain security features, including common security features in compliance with international standards.
  • Full harmonisation at EU level of the format, following the approach taken for residence permits of third country nationals.
  • Legislation provides for an EU card with combined ID and residence status features.

 Next steps

  • A consultation will run from 12 September to 5 December 2017 targeting inter alia the general public, associations active in free movement, academics, the private sector and public authorities.
  • If the European Commission will conclude that legislative actions are needed, an implementation plan will be established.

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