Switzerland: Increased Quotas for 2018

The work permit quotas numbers for 2018 have been released. A number of quota categories have increased numbers as compared to 2017.

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The situation
Quota numbers for 2018 have increased.

A closer look
Quota numbers will be as follows as of January 1, 2018: 

  • Non-EU/European Economic Area nationals, issued annually: 
    • 4,500 short-term L permits (unchanged); and
    • 3,500 long-term B permits (up from 3,000);

  • EU/European Economic Area nationals, issued quarterly: 
    • 3,000 short-term L permits (up from 2,000); 
    • 500 long-term B permits (up from 250). 

  • Croatian nationals: 450 short-term L Permits, 50 long-term B permits (unchanged). 

  • Romanian and Bulgarian nationals: 996 long-term B permits (unchanged). This quota was recently introduced; it is released on a quarterly basis and will apply until May 2018. 

What this means for employers 
Though employers should benefit from the increased quota numbers, they should submit work permit applications early to avoid rejections due to the quotas.

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