France-UK Relations: Is the Entente Cordiale Still Alive and Well?

A summary of launch of the FEM Paris Chapter Meeting on 12 October.

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We just wrapped up the launch of the Paris Chapter on October 12 at the luxurious Hotel Scribe next to the Opera. We took this opportunity to discuss France - UK relations, particularly Brexit and intercultural challenges between France and England.

In regards to Brexit, here are some thoughts from the meeting:

  • Negotiations on Brexit are not a "walk in the park" and anything can happen including a” No Deal”
  • Exchange rate fluctuations and rising inflation increase economic uncertainty
  • Global Mobility Managers need to prepare for any possible outcome while reassuring assignees:

Ghislain de Rengervé from Helma International reminded us that the increase in cost of living in the UK is balanced by a lower British pound, implying that Paris to London COLA has remained steady since March 2016 (prior to Brexit).

Helene Fages from Aktéos  highlighted cultural differences between France and the UK and explained that:

  • It takes 17 months for English Managers to adapt to a French company in Paris
  • Implicit differences are more significant than visible ones
  • Even when French and English use the same implicit communication, the codes are different

and Voilà, discussion between French and English codes of conduct were enhanced over French Champagne.

See you at the next FEM Paris event.

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Didier Hoff

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