FEM Houston Chapter Meeting 12/01/17

Please join us for the FEM Houston Chapter Meeting on December 1.

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Reevaluating How to Structure Utilize and Reward Your Globally Mobile Workforce in Today's Environment

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As oil and natural gas activity are set to rise in the future, many companies are looking to get back into the game and enter/re-enter areas they had put on hold or abandoned. The workforce  challenges of today are not the same as oilfield continues to be affected by trends that disrupt traditional ways of operating

Each company has the opportunity to take a step back and reevaluate how they structure, utilize and reward their globally mobile workforce. The opportunities to implement strategies that will result in more agile and adaptive workforce are great with increased effectiveness and efficiency.

The value proposition will be driven by unique circumstances and motivations. No two situations are exactly alike but the one with the best combination has a competitive advantage in delivering services to the market.

Lisa Dorvinen, Managing Director, Deloitte
Lisa has more than 25 years of experience in the development, design, and execution of Global Mobility programs. During her 25 years, Lisa spent six years working as the Global Employment Tax Director for a Fortune 200 Company operating in over 90 countries. As the employment tax director she was responsible for minimizing the employment tax spend while remaining compliant with local legislation. In addition, Lisa has extensive experience with policy and program design, aligning mobility strategy with business objectives, global compensation management and reporting compliance, process review and improvement, quality assurance initiatives, vendor review and management, development and implementation of technology solutions, training, and mentoring. 

Carlos Carpio - Managing Director, Deloitte
Carlos has more than 25 years of international Human Resource, Mobility, HR Transformation and International Compensation Design experience. During his tenure in industry he led multicultural leadership teams in implementing complex HR transformations, global policy changes and global employee management systems from inception to deployment that resulted in more effective and efficient utilization of the talent pools.  Carlos works in the Energy sector helping clients navigate, leverage and solve the challenges related to the international mobile workforce specializing in the rotator population, providing analysis and advice to build best agile and adaptive strategies around speed to deploy, cost and talent management. 

Friday, December 1, 2017
12:30PM - 02:00PM

1111 Bagby Street
Houston, TX 77002
Meeting being held on the 39th floor

Heritage Clay Street Garage
1200 Bagby Street
Houston, TX 77002
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This meeting is hosted and sponsored by: Deloitte


  • Complimentary to Corporate HR or Corporate Mobility resources that are involved in the administration of their company’s mobility program.
  • $150 USD for global mobility suppliers, per person, assuming the supplier has a valid Supplier Membership of $550.

Cara Butler

Vice President, Client Development, Going-there Global Destination Services

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