How did Johnson & Johnson create their award-winning talent strategy?

Sigrid Nauwelaerts of Johnson & Johnson talks to us ahead of her Mobility Masterclass at the FEM EMEA Summit.

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FEM is delighted to confirm that Sigrid Nauwelaerts, Regional Director, Talent Mobility – EMEA at Johnson & Johnson will be joining us to present one of our brand new Mobility Masterclasses, 'How Johnson & Johnson created their award-winning talent strategy',  at the FEM EMEA Summit 2017 on 9-10 November at the O2 InterContinental, London. 

In 2016, Johnson & Johnson won the EMEA EMMA for Best Talent Mobility Strategy, so Sigrid is extremely well qualified to present on this subject.

Rosie Perkins, FEM's Marketing Manager spoke to Sigrid ahead of the Summit...

FEM: How long have you been involved in the Global Mobility sector?

SN: I started as a tax consultant with PwC and then moved to the industry. I have been in an in-house mobility role since 2005, so about 12 years.

FEM: What changes have you seen in that time?

SN: Many! Mainly changes to align to global approaches, policies and use of vendors and tools. 

FEM: What do you think are the three greatest challenges facing Global Mobility professionals today?

a) Enhancing and improving the power of data and analytics to define and predict trends in the mobility space 
b) Implementing technology that is innovative and provides real time updates, enhancing the assignee experience
c) Matching costs and mobility development opportunities for junior profiles, millennials etc

FEM: What are the key messages you hope delegates take away from your session 'How Johnson & Johnson created their award-winning talent strategy'? 


  • Learn from your HR generalist colleagues within your organisation 
  • Develop and strengthen your business expertise and acumen 
  • Operate in the value-added space  
  • Connect with talent management and increase visibility of your assignee population

FEM: Who would you recommend attend your session?

SN: HR Talent and mobility professionals from companies with both large and smaller programs.  

FEM: Which particular session are you most interested to attend?

SN: It is difficult to say as there are so many!  I will certainly attend those sessions focusing on the challenges I quoted above, including:
When is the right time for mobility transformation? Corporate change journeys and Implementing a strong global mobility ecosystem. 


About Sigrid Nauwelaerts

Sigrid took on this role in 2013 and has responsibility for developing and executing talent mobility strategies to support the J&J businesses in EMEA.  She has considerable experience in global mobility and international tax.  Prior to Johnson & Johnson, she was Global Mobility Manager EMEA with Cargill Europe, and before that was at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Belgium and the UK.  Sigrid holds a Master’s in Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp, certification as a Belgian Tax Consultant and completed a Master’s in Tax Management and a Master’s in European Studies from UCL (Belgium) and Pantion University in Athens, Greece.


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