United Kingdom: Immigration Health Surcharge to Double

The UK government has announced plans to double the immigration health surcharge later this year.

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Feb 06, 2018

The situation

The UK government has announced plans to double the charge applied to foreign nationals who are seeking to live in the UK for six months or more to work, study or join family (which entitles them to use public healthcare in the United Kingdom), known as the immigration health surcharge. 

A closer look

  • Cost. The immigration surcharge will double to GBP 400. The discounted rate for students and applicants under the Youth Mobility Scheme will also double to GBP 300.
  • Effective date. The government will seek to amend the relevant regulations with the changes expected to take effect later this year.
  • Scope. The charge applies to visa applicants seeking temporary residence in the United Kingdom for six months or longer.

Impact for foreign nationals

The increased cost may present an obstacle to visa applicants who must pay the full amount when filing their visa application.

Sponsoring employers may pay the charge on behalf of foreign workers. Affected employers should plan their budgets in accordance with the increase. 


The increase is designed to bring the surcharge more in line with the average cost per person of foreign national use of the UK healthcare system and provide additional revenue for the National Health Service (NHS).

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