The inaugural meeting of the FEM Warsaw Chapter

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On April 10th we held the inaugural FEM Warsaw Chapter event. With over 25 Global Mobility professionals coming from various cities in Poland we’ve discussed several topics during the half-day event.

 The event started with a light breakfast following a presentation from PwC Poland on Legal and Tax aspects on posting workers in and outside of Poland that served as a refresher on employer’s and employee’s obligations. The presentation provided an insight to the audience on the tax and legal system in Poland and what should be the key focus areas for compliance as well as some practical tips on where should be the focus for the GM professionals.

The presentation is available at the following link.

In the second part of the event, Crown World Mobility presented their latest findings from their survey on companies are looking at options to lower their mobility costs.

Some of the key takeaways from the presentation were the following:

  • Companies should go big on communication and expectation settings
  • Watch employee initiated moves and how support is structured around this growing population
  • Provide a guideline for flexible benefits to increase assignment success
  • When using lump-sum focus on the employee experience by finding the right balance between technology and human support
  • Start thinking what you would like to see on your ROI dashboard and how to measure it

The third part of the event was a panel discussion moderated by Magdalena Marchlewska – CEE Global Mobility Senior Consultant at PwC. The topic of the discussion was focused on “HR and Global Mobility as strategic partners to the business”.

The panel discussion provided insights from Global Mobility as well as from vendor perspective on few key points such as:

  • Designing attractive benefits packages to support various types of talent moves
  • What the GM function should have in mind when presenting policy changes initiatives to the business
  • Partnership with the vendors in order to support your program goals
  • Compliance and process ownership of commuters and business travelers and challenges in tracking this population

We would like to thank you for the very positive feedback received as well as guidelines what type of content should be available for the next event.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all the participants participating and attending the event and for the valuable inputs and feedback.

 We are looking forward to seeing you on FEM Chapter Warsaw next time! 

Vladimir Vrzhovski - FEM Warsaw Chapter Lead and the Steering Committee 

Vladimir Vrzhovski

Head of Global Network, Smart Expatriation

Tech savvy global mobility professional with experience in delivering client solutions in markets across Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. With experience in the industry since 2010, Vladimir has held business and country management positions in Macedonia, Kuwait, Czech Republic and Slovakia providing support to various multinational companies to navigate in difficult and unfamiliar business environments.

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