Nairobi, Kenya: 5 Years after the Westgate Mall Attack

Tall Metal Railings and Thick Bulletproof Glass

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AIRINC’s most recent survey of Nairobi closely coincided with the 5th anniversary of the Westgate Mall attack when members of the extremist Islamic group al-Shabaab took siege of the building, which resulted in 71 deaths. During my survey, I found the Westgate mall fully operational. Tall metal railings and thick bulletproof glass now line the front side of the mall and security guards with sniffer dogs control the main entrance. Bags must be screened before entering, but otherwise it seemed like business as usual. I saw international fast food chains such as Pizza Hut, KFC, and Subway, and the South African supermarket chain Shoprite, Africa's largest food retailer, is getting ready to open its first supermarket in Kenya at the Westgate Mall.


Michelle Curran

Americas Marketing Manager, AIRINC

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