Global Mobility News: The latest in housing, tax, and goods & services (2018: Q4)

Expatriate Trends & Survey Data Highlights...

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  • Rents increasing in Greece, U.K., and Japan; rents decreasing in Turkey
  • South Korea - still no 500 mg aspirin available in pharmacies!
  • Inflation persists in Argentina as the peso continues to depreciate against the U.S. dollar
  • Venezuela - update on the petro, the world's first state-backed cryptocurrency

The results are in! Data Points is now available at 

Data Points brings you the latest updates from AIRINC's Housing, Goods & Services, and Tax departments. These highlights are based on our expert international surveys, which are conducted on location by our global data collection team. This quarter's cost-of-living surveys were conducted primarily in Europe, Asia, and mainland Southeast Asia.

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