Investment Visa Rules to be Erased

NL - Foreign Investors scheme entry rules will be relaxed in July 2016 to attract more applicants. Key changes will include a longer visa duration, a revised assessment framework, and the elimination of an accountant report requirement.

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The Foreign Investors scheme, a residence permit based on investment of at least EUR 1.25 million in the Netherlands, will be amended to attract more applicants, according to the Dutch Minister of Migration. The changes are expected to be implemented in July 2016.

Key changes include the following:

  • The visa duration will be increased from one to three years;
    • The requirement to obtain a report from an accountant registered in both the home country and in the Netherlands will be eliminated; and
    • Foreign investors will only be required to meet two of the three existing criteria under the points system (instead of all three, as is currently required), which are innovation, job creation and support from the investor.
  • Additionally, the Minister clarified that the program allows real estate investment but property investment for habitation purposes is excluded.

    What This Means for Foreign Nationals

    Foreign investors should benefit from relaxed Foreign Investors scheme entry rules and should contact their immigration professional to discuss eligibility.

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