Announcing our third chapter meeting, in Stockholm, on Thursday, 23 May 2019!

After two inspiring and energising meetings in Oslo and Copenhagen, we're ready for our third Nordic Chapter event in Stockholm, where we'll look at the predicted future and discuss 'The Flexible Workforce from a Global Mobility Perspective'.

We'd like to invite everyone from the Scandinavian region working in the Global HR and Mobility spectrum to join us, this time to discuss the developments made in the area and the solutions available for tackling challenges with a flexible workforce working across borders. Subject matter will include international contractors, gig workers, freelancers, virtual assignees, rotators, commuters, and frequent business travellers across multiple countries.

The event will be hosted by the Crowe Sweden and led by senior management from NES Advantage Solutions; Scott Radford, Global Mobility Director, and Lone Skriver, Global Mobility Regional and Business Development Manager.

We're aiming to tune in on the rapidly changing structure of the workforce; an increasing amount of personnel are no longer considered as a 'traditional employee' in a legal sense, yet work as an employee from an organisational perspective. In addition, employees working in multiple countries can become a corporate liability due to extensive cross-border responsibilities, further complicating the company’s compliance duties. The experienced panel of speakers will pinpoint risks and duties as well as present new ways to provide support to the mobile workforce, including technological and holistic approaches.

We look forward to welcoming you to this enriching networking session with an exciting agenda:

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Welcome from Crowe Sweden and FEM Nordic


Air Inc: ‘Shifting Towards a flexible Workforce’ by Senior Director, Global Mobility Client Solutions EMEA, MIchael Joyce.

AIRINC will explore the various types of cross border mobility  from traditional assignment types through to a shift towards a more flexible workforce and the implications that organisations should consider.


NES Advantage Solutions: ' Managing a Flexible Workforce' by Global Mobility Director, Scott Radford.


Swedes Worldwide: ‘Assets beyond employees – how to spark enthusiasm and ensure ROI by engaging spouses’ by Secretary General, Cecilia Borglin.




Crowe: ‘Low cost, flexible, employee tracking for compliance’by Oona Culmer, Senior Executive, Global Mobility Services, Crowe Global.

This session will focus on the changing compliance obligations and considerations across many disciplines that arise with employee mobility. We will demonstrate the Crowe track my trip (TmT) application which enables employees to track their business trips through the use of GPS technology and enables tracking and visibility for our clients and their businesses. The difference TmT brings to market is a new low cost tracking option which provides full flexibility on tracking options.


International SOS: “Keeping Business Travellers Happy, Healthy and Engaged, At Home and Away as part of Duty of Care”by Dr Robert (Bob) Jefferson Medical Director, Occupational Health, Europe International SOS.

The talk will take the example of mental health issues in the travelling working population as an example of a significant risk within the framework of duty of care. Mental illness transcends demographics and is a ‘foreseeable risk’. So what is the risk? How does this impact your organisation? What is Duty of Care with regards to mental illness? Business Travel continues to increase, but there is evidence that international business travel can be deleterious to health and business. Mental health is found to have direct and significant impact on organisational success, such as: loss of productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism and increased conflict and relationship strain within and outside of work. Recent work in the area will be discussed.


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The event will take place at the centrally-located building of Crowe Sweden in Stockholm at Alströmergatan 20, 112 47 Stockholm

Refreshments will be available. 

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