Evaluating Threat: 3 Best Practices for Optimizing Your Hardship Premium!

Are you part of the 93% or the 7%? The “Hardship” or “Location” premium is a longstanding member of the international mobility compensation suite and is currently provided by 93% of companies, according to our most recent policy benchmark.

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Increasingly, AIRINC is asked whether this assignment premium is necessary given the globalization of today’s world. This post will share tips to ensure your hardship premium is aligned to mobility and corporate strategy.

1. Where should I source Hardship data?

It is important to choose a source whose recommendations are impartial, consistent and pertinent to your employee population. Many governments publish hardship recommendations for their embassies around the world, but these are often specific to government employees and the unique benefits they receive.

Other companies form internal committees or consult their local offices to assess living security and living conditions for their assignees on-site.

More often, however, companies work with independent consultants who research and aggregate data for hardship recommendations across the globe.

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