A Day in the Life of a Remote Worker, Meet Daisy from Shield Geo

Each month we’ve been sharing the stories of our employees. We love how each of them has found a way to create a work-life balance that works for them and makes room for the things that are important to them. This month we spoke with Daisy Daswani, one of our subject matter experts.

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Flexibility has always been a big part of the culture at Shield Geo. From the very beginning, our founders worked from all over the world, at home and in offices – wherever worked best for them at each stage. This is still true now for all employees of Shield Geo

Working co-located in office spaces doesn’t work for everyone, and equally working alone from home doesn’t work for everyone either. By accommodating these differences, we’ve promoted a happier, healthier and more productive team.

Meet Daisy

Daisy came onboard with Shield Geo almost a year ago. She has lived in Hong Kong with her husband and two sons for the last 9 years but is originally from Italy and has had stints living in the UK and Japan. Daisy uses her background in corporate tax and global mobility in her role as a Subject Matter Expert in our finance team. She also works closely with the implementation team to ensure that the first payroll for new assignees runs smoothly.

Daisy began working with Shield Geo after realising her corporate roles in global mobility were no longer as fulfilling after having children. She was looking for something that accommodated a better work-life balance and allowed her more time with her family.

“Once you have children your priorities change,” she says.

“I didn’t enjoy [my work] as much and, unfortunately, I would only see my kids a couple hours a day if I was lucky.”

A remote role means that Daisy can set her work hours around her family and even make time for her son’s school activities and after school football...read more.

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