How have recent events in Hong Kong impacted location allowance calculations?

Due to the ongoing socio-political upheavals in Hong Kong, we have made a series of changes to our location ratings scores for Hong Kong.

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As part of this year’s review of ECA’s Location Ratings scores, by which we make recommendations for location allowances, we have made a thorough reassessment of the situation in Hong Kong, given the ongoing socio-political upheavals taking place there. Points have increased in several categories – internal isolation, news and media, personal security, and socio-political tensions – and the changes are explained within this blog post. (For more background on the factors ECA analysts take into consideration when assessing scores for location allowances, please refer to our related Mobility Basics post.)

ECA’s unique scoring methodology is based on a comparison of circumstances in both home and host locations, so while our reassessment has produced a higher total score for Hong Kong, this has not always led to an increase in the corresponding location allowance recommended, depending on the relevant home location. 

However, assignees should be assured that the impact of the current situation has been thoroughly assessed and reflected in the increase in the overall score allocated. Indeed, the scale of the increase for Hong Kong is unprecedented for a location which is typically considered among the less challenging in our rankings. Read more...

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